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Travel // Coromandel, New Zealand (pt. 2)

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I enjoy being spontaneous. I often don’t plan too much, I let time get lost and let my feet wander. Day two of our adventure we put this to practise and found ourselves in the most wonderful of places. We ate wood-fired pizza and drank pomegranate juice in a little open-air restaurant by the sea, under the shelter of a large sun umbrella. Next we travelled along a winding uphill road, twisting up and around the edge of the bay. We couldn’t help ourselves but stop multiple times on the way up to admire the view. Pine trees lined the carved hillside edges, and dappled the light filtering through my sunglasses. Out of the car window we caught sight of a beach and pulled off the road to explore. Water pooled in rocks that freckled the shore. I left with my deep pockets clinking, full of collected shells.