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DIARY // Weekly Chronicle

I spent a bit of time this week looking around some of my favourite op shops, searching for a few things in particular. The first being a working Super 8 camera of some sort. A combination of things have had me lusting after one for a while now:

1. A friend has recently acquired an old projector but has no use for it as yet. The more time I spend thinking about it, the more I enjoy the idea of sending away a raw piece of footage to be developed. There’s no editing out of parts whatsoever, and you are watching it back on a projector for the first time without any expectations or knowledge apart from the fleeting moment of shooting. It’s so tangible and has such a spontaneous quality about it, and I love that.

2. I came across multiple music videos/old film clips floating around the internet shot on Super 8 film, like this video shot by Ray Roberts. Swoon!

3. I was involved in the production of a music video recently (soon-to-be-released, I’ll keep you posted. In the mean time though, watch this) which is partially shot on Super 8. This was my first experience holding something of such beauty. I’m sure by now you can guess how I reacted.

So I am admittedly quite the admirer of this little machine. And now, the proud owner of one too.

See the latest addition to the family, a Canon Canosound 514XL-S: 

lookingglass035 favouritefinds01 copyIt was made in the 1970s, and is still running like a gem today. She came complete with original leather case, canon microphone, and attached lens all at the cost of $25. What a dream.


I also nabbed this dainty polkadot ceramic pot for $2.50, and found a plant at the garden centre to go with it. I seem to be gathering quite an abundance of house plants! I love how gawky this guy is, he fits right in with my succulent collection.





favouritefinds064I couldn’t resist this wee cutie! His leaves will grow big and tall with time.

ImageI found this pretty blouse amongst the racks at The Salvation Army. The embroidery is so divine! It was a steal at just $5.


ImageHere’s one last shot, because how fun is this plant?!

These bargains were the highlights of my week, I’m super glad I made time to hunt around for them. I hope this post has inspired you to go out and find some second hand bargains for yourself.

Travel // Coromandel, New Zealand (pt. 2)

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I enjoy being spontaneous. I often don’t plan too much, I let time get lost and let my feet wander. Day two of our adventure we put this to practise and found ourselves in the most wonderful of places. We ate wood-fired pizza and drank pomegranate juice in a little open-air restaurant by the sea, under the shelter of a large sun umbrella. Next we travelled along a winding uphill road, twisting up and around the edge of the bay. We couldn’t help ourselves but stop multiple times on the way up to admire the view. Pine trees lined the carved hillside edges, and dappled the light filtering through my sunglasses. Out of the car window we caught sight of a beach and pulled off the road to explore. Water pooled in rocks that freckled the shore. I left with my deep pockets clinking, full of collected shells.

Outfit // Stripes In The Springtime


Wearing: Striped top, made by me | Pleated Midi Skirt, Pure Boutique | Jbeans Jelly Shoes


November is a pleasant time of year. The afternoon sun falls late and golden, gardens are lush and full. These pictures were taken outside my flat amongst the trees, the day Logan and I celebrated 365 days in each others company. x

Travel // Coromandel, New Zealand




Coromandel15Coromandel6Coromandel1Coromandel8Coromandel5Coromandel12Coromandel14Logan and I landed on Auckland’s solid ground in Saturdays early hours, after a stomach turning take-off from Wellington airport in strong winds. We carried ourselves to the waiting car, ready for a the long journey to Whitianga. I sat sleepy-eyed in the backseat, resting my head on the car door, and looking up into the darkening night as we left the city lights in the distance.

The stars are brighter here. There’s something exciting about arriving to a new location in the dark, and not knowing what awaits you in the morning. We spent our first day exploring, and this is what we found. x